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We Produce High Quality Fibreglass Products To Your
Requirement & Specifications

Situated at the strategic area of Kuala Ketil Kedah Malaysia,
Century Religious Supply is small but innovative factory that manufactures a wide range of high quality custom made fibreglass products.

We welcome any kind of enquiries concerning our products.

Our  Nature  Of  Business
- Fiberglass Hatchery Tank - Fiberglass Boat - Koi Tank - Canteen Table Set
- Live Fish Transport Tank - Motorcycle Delivery Box - Stackable Tank - Oxygen Cone
- Vortex System Tank - Swimming Pool
- Extendable Tank - Degassing Sump
- RAS System Tank - Fiberglass Coating
- Raceway Tank - Plant Tray
-  Aquaponic Tank - Filter Tank
- Artemia Tank - Skimmer Box